Weird Wednesdays

I have really weird dreams. I had a dream last night that Ellen Degeneres threatened to “unfriend” me from Facebook because I didn’t know what Pancake Tuesday was. I was so sad haha. I wish I had Ellen as a Facebook friend in real life- which makes me more sad.

I may or may not have gotten up at 8am to feed the baby (aka Batman) then slept until 2:30pm. I then was shown Abigail’s lovely preschool craft from this morning. It was little cut out frogs all “decorated”. Super cute. It then reminded me of my 2 year old, Owen. Owen has a bit of a problem pronouncing the word “Frog”… it ends up sounding like hes dropping F-bombs. Whenever we watched “The Princess and the frog” it would sound like he was yelling “F*CK!” at the tv. It took us about a week of yelling at him not to say that before we clued in that it was “frog” he was trying to say bahaha.

Random trip down memory lane: When I was about 10 or so I got a pet dwarf frog named Kermit. I loved him. Then one day when I came home from school I found his poor froggy carcass floating in his tank. Our cat ate him and then spat him back into the tank for me to find- butthead. I remember asking my mom if we could bury him in the backyard but she insisted that racoons would get him. I instead, had to flush him down the toilet like a stupid goldfish. Ahhh Memories.



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