Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

As I am new to the blogging world, I just discovered today that WordPress.com’s Daily Post offers a weekly writing challenge.

I have made it my personal goal to write something everyday, whether it be on my blog, in a journal, on facebook ect. I want those who take the time to read my blog to really get to know who I am, and since I’m not always sure who that is sometimes, it will be a learning process for the both of us. I plan on doing the challenges weekly, and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.

This weeks challenge was called “Threes”. I have to choose three photos that inspire me.

This wasn’t hard because as many of you know, I have three children.







My kids inspire me every single day. They are the most frustrating, loving, and rewarding creatures that ever came into my life and quite honestly, becoming a mother was the greatest thing thats ever happened to me.

My kids inspire me because they make me want to be a better person, they make me really consider how I act, love, and who I am as a whole. It is my job to make sure that they are prepared for the world that awaits them, and that is terrifying.

I will not be here forever, and one day they will look back and reflect on the kind of mother they had. What kind of mother am I? Am I fun, strict, patient, trusting? How I parent, will determine how they might parent. How I see view the world, will impact how they view the world as well.

My kids motivate me to want more for myself, and to want more for them. There have been countless nights that I lay awake wondering if I’m doing a good job? Am I too strict? Could I have been more patient? Why is Caillou bald? Where are Max and Ruby’s parents?

There are days where I lose my cool, where I shout, where I’m not patient, and I feel like I’ve failed. But, when the day is over, the tv’s off, I’ve wrestled toy trains away from baby hands, and I get them into bed, I hear those three very special words. “I love you”.

My kids are my reason for living.




  1. OMG Jade! So touching! I loves reading this post! Even though I have no children yet.. It is something I think about all the time! You’re doing awesome never forget that!

  2. awww Love it!!! But i think the most important questions here in fact are why is caillou bald and where the hell is max and ruby’s parents???? But the most crucial question is: Are tooupie and binou life partners?? what’s the deal there??

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