Im addicted.

Most people who know me, know how much I love pop (aka soda for you american peeps).

I’m addicted- legitimately  addicted. When Coca-Cola Canada went on strike, therefore stopping production and causing notices to show up at all major grocery stores- I was freeaaking out. I was stock piling like there was a zombie apocolypse. Not kidding.

That being said, I also know how much sugar is in my can of delciousness…. and so does my scale (sad face).

I need to break away from the sugar crack.

I had the hubby buy me a 12 pack case of Coke (the beverage, not the street drug) last night.

It remains unopened, and my goal is to keep it unopened for 1 week, and then we will go from there. I have instead been drinking green tea like a fish drinks water. Its caffienated, has zero calories, no sugar, and no scary sugar replacements (mmm aspartame).

I am going to be one scary lady for the next week. Be prepared for either super spastic blog updates, or none at all because I’m curled up in a corner rocking back and forth (my hand clasping a mug of green tea for dear life).

“Why are you putting yourself through this?” You may ask.

I don’t believe in fad diets, but I HAVE to get away from the sugary junk that coats my body with joy… and fat, because last time I checked, your supposed to only have one chin… not two. So slowly weining myself off the bad stuff is the first step and I’m starting with the biggest contributor.




  1. We must be related! It was just this afternoon I decided to attempt a seven day juice fast. My sugar intake has become outrageous – I drink far too much coffee and it’s not uncommon for me to go without eating until dinner time. Not good. Original plans were to start on Thursday but Brett and Cole want to join in as well so I’m bumping it to Friday (Brett has a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I want to clear it with him first – Not sure it’s a good thing for a growing body). I know you can do it! You still have my blender… get addicted to healthy smoothies instead!

  2. Thanks guys! Pop still has yet to be opened- Aaron was so shocked haha. So far so good. Yes I still have the blender, and I agree I should start making smoothies.
    Good luck on the juice fast! It’ll be good for the boys too- hopefully Brett gets the okay. If you need the blender back, let me know. I’m good if we need to pick up one of our own if you need yours back.
    So no pop the past 2 days,plus I’m only having 1 cup of coffee a day and the rest is green tea (which I quite enjoy so far). On the right track! Woohoo! This started because I weighed myself yesterday and almost died when I saw the number. eeeek!

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