Oompa Lumpa Orange

5 days ago my brain apparently short circuited and I decided it would be a great idea to re-do the bedroom that Abigail and Owen currently share. Repaint, redecorate, reorganize…. unfortunately, I didn’t “rethink” the whole idea.

I never want to look at another paint can for the rest of my life.

Although the room is now done and lovely as ever, it was 3 days of personal hell involving 2 kids under the age of 4 “camping” in my living room, 7 hours total of painting at ungodly hours, and spending a small fortune at Home Depot and IKEA.

One of my favourite reno misadventures was when we (Aaron and I) were deciding on paint colours and ended up reading through (and mocking) all the colour names in the process. I then spent the rest of the afternoon yelling ridiculous paint names at poor Aaron. How the heck do you end up with the job of naming paint colours? I would seriously consider doing that for a living.

Some paint name suggestions would be:

“Oompa Lumpa orange”

“Man I’m old, grey”

“Baby Batman blue”

“Toilet Bowl white”

… I could go on forever- I find this way too entertaining,

Ive decided that if I ever win the lottery I’m starting a paint collection just so I can choose all the names.

In case you were wondering we ended up choosing “daisy chain yellow”.

….”Hippie Tiara” would have been a better name.





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