Weekly Writing Challenge: The Power of Names.

Sooo… I’ve kind of been slacking on the whole “weekly writing challenge” stuff and totally forgot to even write last weeks.


Anywho, according to this weeks suggestion I’m supposed to talk about names. Lets start with my name.

….I was named after a rock.

Plus, I am hardly ever able to find my name on those stupid souvenier stands. BOOOOOO!

I also have two younger brothers, one who is named “Cole”.

Growing up I used to tell him he was named after burnt wood. To make him feel better my Mom informed him that I have a stripper name.

Hahaha. I come from a super lovng family.

I do know from a parent’s perspective how hard it can be to name your child though. When you’re handed the birth registration form you have full control over that little person’s identity… and I’m not gonna lie, the urge to write “Princess Banana-hammock” on that piece of paper was quite tempting.

Our daughter was the only child of the 3 who’s name was decided on before she was born. Owen was nameless for about 10 minutes, and Liam was nameless for 6 hours.

I’ve always found that boys were harder to name then girls.

Speaking of nameless babies, the same brother who I insisted was named after burnt wood, was originally supposed to be named “Garrett”. I was about 4 or 5 at the time, and when I was told what the new baby’s name was going to be, I proceeded to yell “GARRETT THE CARROT”.

I’m kind of a jerk….

Poor Cole left the hospital without a name and I’m pretty sure my mom just called him “Buddy” for a few days before an agreement was finally made. I could be wrong, but I think the movie “Days of Thunder” may have inspired his name.

I liked the name “Abigail” because of a Taylor Swift song, “Owen” because of Greys Anatomy, and “Liam” because of Liam Neeson.

… a Taylor Swift song though…. I blame the hormones.

Lets just be glad I didn’t go with Abigail’s name suggestion for Liam.

It was “pudding”.





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