After my recent post about how much it sucks having “mom nails”, I finally caved yesterday and got bio-gel nails done. It was more so because Aaron had been working a lot of overtime and I needed an hour to myself before I ripped my hair out.

I LOVE getting my nails done. I don’t however enjoy trying to hold a conversation with the nail technicians (who have very thick accents), and then they keep trying to upsell a pedicure to me. Luckily, the new nail salon down the street seem to be as anti-social as I am. They have flat screens behind each nail station so you can watch the T.V rather then talk. I got to watch Christina Aguilera prance around half naked while the male nail tech (yes, a man!) did my nails. I’ll take “Burlesque” over a language barrier any day.

I did however just about have a heart attack when I went to go pay. Generally a full set of bio-gel nails is around $40-$45 and me being the genius that I am, didn’t bother to check their prices. He handed me the debit machine where I was charged $62!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY CRAP! Did you coat my nails in gold!? Jesus!

I think its back to the cheap, social, and foreign nail salons for me.

My nails do look fantastic… even though I am deathly afraid I’ll scratch the baby….


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