I’m still alive!

Theres been a ton of stuff going on lately so I was bad and ignored my blog for awhile.

My oldest 2 have had croup for about 6 days now but at least aren’t barking like seals anymore. For those of you who don’t know what croup is, its like a really bad cold but rather then coughing, the cough sounds like a bark. Abigail and Owen have had it 3 times each now *sigh*.

In other news, it looks like spring has decided to finally show up. I was one snowflake away from losing my mind…. except now that its getting warmer I can’t wear oodles of frumpy sweaters and loose jeans to hide my post-baby rolls. Guess that means i should maybe start eating better and excercising *shudder*. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m the least athletic human being alive. I run like a penguin and apparently ride a bike like Mary Poppins. In fact, my family and friends used to tell me that all the time when I was a kid (laughing included).

…. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was about 9. (You guys suck.)

In an effort to eat better, Aaron and I signed up for an organic food share from Plan B Organics. We pick up our share of local and imported organic fruits and veggies every other week and this wednesday was our first pick up.

It said in the location description that our box was located in the front foyer of a local restaurant close to us. Turns out the crate was on the front porch which I didn’t discover until I walked around the restaurant like a moron twice. Foyer and porch are two TOTALLY different places.

Also, the description failed to mention that the crates were reused by the company and that the customer needed to bring their own bags before leaving the empty crate.

I had no bags or boxes so I improvised….. with my diaper bag. The adjoining restaurant has massive, curtain free windows where the packed bar of drunk people got to watch me, the weirdo blonde chick, shove random root vegetables into a diaper bag and onto the van floor.

I felt like a criminal.

I also had to google pictures of vegetables to determine what some of the vegetables we recieved were. Sugar beets do NOT look like what I thought they did… they’re kind of ugly. I also have no idea what to do with them.





  1. Do you pick up the share at Spencer’s? I was looking at that. But because I work stupid hours and get lots of last minute call-ins, I usually end up buying vegetables on the day that I’m going to have them. What else did you get besides beets?
    BTW, I have a recipe on my blog that is easy, tasty and you can cook the beets ahead of time and then just finish off when it’s time to eat. Here’s the link:-

    • We pick up at the waterstreet cooker on wednesdays. Pick up is between 4:30pm and 10:pm. They jsut leave the crates there for you to grab.

      We got:

      Bunch of kale
      Live Boston Lettuce
      Live arugula
      8 Sweet Potatoes
      3 large Sugar Beets
      Shitake Musrooms (ew)
      bunch of Carrots
      2 bunches of Bananas
      6 Oranges
      4 Pears
      6 Appes
      1 Garlic

      We got the small share plus extra fruit and it came to $35 per delivery week but we couldn’t believe how much we got for that price. They say the small share generally feeds 2 people but it was quite a good size amount.

      Thanks for the recipe!

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