Referees Wanted

My apartment is currently a warzone.

Between the sound of my older two trying to kill eachother and the construction people “fixing” the roof of the parking underground I honestly can’t think straight. I’ve had a headache for 2 days.

I’ve given up trying to referee the kids so now when they fight I just send both to their room where they can either learn to like eachother or fight to the death with beanie babies. Have fun.

I now understand why my mom hated when my brothers and I fought all the time. However, one of the benefits of having 2 younger brothers and no sisters is that you have the space to be girly but you also have to learn to be a little tough (unless you want hotwheels chucked at your head). Abigail is also the oldest of three kids with two younger brothers… poor thing. I survived, so she will too.

On the bright side she won’t have any sisters stealing her clothes.

P.S The 80 year old woman who lives above us has now decided to add to the noise symphony by hammering her wall for 30 minutes and moving around furniture. How the hell she does it I will never understand. Luckily for her I think she’s mildly deaf and can’t hear my kids… unlike the rest of my poor neighbours.

Coffee is my friend.



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