Blinking counts as exercise…. right?

Today I learned that just sitting in your work out clothes, doesn’t actually burn off the 3 doughnuts you ate for breakfast.

I think maple doughnuts should be considered a health food because technically maple does comes from trees, therefore anything with maple icing is healthy.

In all seriousness though, just putting on the workout clothes took extreme motivation. Who the hell invented the workout bra INSIDE the workout shirt anyway!? I almost strangled myself twice while trying to get that stupid thing on.

Then, to make it even better, the fabric clings in all the wrong places (ie muffin tops), and squishes the decent ones (goodbye boobs).

Sadly, the “myfitnesspal” app doesn’t acknowledge, blinking, sitting, getting dressed, or reaching for the remote as exercise… and yes I actually did search those in hopes that there was other users out there as desperate and lazy as I am.

Apparently, there isn’t. They’re probably using their time wisely by napping or watching Netflix.



I like oreos.






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