Getting to know me.

1. My name is Jade if you don’t know already.

2. I’m married with 3 kids, all under the age of four (I contemplate my sanity on a daily basis).

3. I love pugs… a lot. I don’t know if I will ever own one though because my husband is unbelievably allergic to dogs, and my mom insists the sounds of pug snorts and heavy breathing would send me up the wall….. I think she might be right.

4. I love coca-cola and coffee the way a fat kid loves cake.

5. I also love cake. Maybe I’m the fat kid too……

6. The feeling of cotton balls give me the heebie jeebies. If I open a bottle of Advil and theres a cotton ball inside, I’ll beg- literally BEG someone else to take it out.

7. 9 times out of 10 I’d rather be sleeping then be doing whatever daily activity it is that I’m doing.

8. I LOVE to read.

9. My kitchen and I are arch enemies. Cooking + Jade= Disaster.

10. I have two cats, Phoebe, who weighs about 3000lbs and is the biggest sweetheart, and Oscar, who we swear is bipolar. He likes to poop on my kitchen floor every morning and hates my mother (she refers to him as “the cat from hell”). He loves Abigail (my 4 year old) like nobody’s business though.



  1. Hello Jade. Nice to meet you.
    I have three Grandkids – all under the age of four (I question my daughter’s sanity on a daily basis).
    I like to look at pugs, I do not like to listen to them.
    I love coffee and diet coke like a back alley wh^%$ loves crack.
    I bet you hate the sound of paper towels being touched too. Be glad you weren’t here for dinner (we had ribs)
    Sleeping is my favorite hobby and I must say I am master of the “13 hour nap”.
    Jade + kitchen does not equal disaster… Jade + kitchen = RECIPE FOR DISASTER!
    Oscar sucks. I hate that cat. He hates me, and I’m fine with that… Phoebe loves me.

  2. Hey Jade!
    Have lots of fun with your blog. I enjoyed my first one so much but, sadly, my new one has been quite neglected. I hope you can find time to rant.

  3. Hi jade I love your funny. Stories,look forward for next one xo nana

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